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Thermo-Mechanical Package Engineer & Silicon Photonics Specialist



Advanced Manufacturing Engineer – Research and Development

  • Silicon Photonics Packaging and characterization
  • 3D packaging and Heterogeneous integration (MCM, CSP)
  • Device conception and prototyping
  • Technologies and processes qualification
  • Defect investigation, failure mode and risk
  • Reliability engineering (monitor and sampling)
  • Data analysis and statistic
  • Measurement Specialist / Tool design and coding
  • Knowedge infrastructure / Server administrator
  • Scientific Modeling
  • Client support

 Alexander joined IBM in 2007 and is presently a Professional Engineer in IBM Bromont (Quebec, Canada) at the C2MI research center . He has worked on a number of projects related to semiconductor packaging and manufacturing, including : design, modeling, characterization / metrology, qualification, and reliability. Currently his work focuses mostly on : lid attach process, technical support for the 3D and HI technology, and component ground rules definition. In 2012, he also joined the Silicon nanophotonics packaging team to help in the optical characterization and packaging challenges.

Alexander received the B.Eng. in engineering physics from the Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Canada, in 2004 with an orientation on semiconductors and numerical simulation. He worked in speech recognition HMM algorithms and DWDM with AWG, before returning to complete the M.Sc. degree in 2006 at Polytechnique. In his master degree, he created a real-time STM images predictor to understand the complex convolution of electronic states in tunnelling current measurement.