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Academy of Technology LogoCTO & Executive Architect for Credit Agricole bank, IBM Academy of Technology Leadership Team
Bois Colombes Cedex, France


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Professional Associations:  IBM Academy of Technology


Valery Debeer is an IBM Executive Architect & CTO in Banking and Financial sectors in charge of the Credit Agricole group, one of the largest financial services in Europe.

My mission is to help Bank to acquire new business capabilities for their clients in order to position for future competition. I think and define architectures and solutions for the NextGen transformational projects that modernize organizations, processes and technologies to transform IT from legacy to a new cloud enabled, automated and data-oriented backbone for new bank applications and achieve a new pervasive performance core banking by using the upcoming capabilities like edge computing, AI/deep analytics, blockchain and quantum to bring new experiences.

I am also Member of the prestigious IBM Academy of Technology, acting in the core and emerging technology team, and past Chairman of IBM Technical Expert Council France, a society of technical leaders affiliated to the IBM Academy of Technology, which stimulate, organize and synthesize the investigation of ideas, breakthrough technologies, and concepts that increase innovation and support value creation.

I am strongly involved in the architect profession through professional mentoring and giveback inside and outside IBM, and the training of the new generation of architects by teaching the « TOGAF 101 », « Architectural Thinking » and « Architectural Consulting » courses.

Personally engaged as volunteer and a global citizen, acting for developing a sustainable values-bases world community, especially for children education and protection and healthcare.

On a personal level, I like traveling, getting opportunity for immersion in new country, meet people, learn from new culture and share experiences.
As hobbies, I compose and play electronic music, run Marathon and practice scuba diving.