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Cognitive Solutions Brand Leader - North America US
63 Madison Ave, New York


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Professional Associations:  American Society of Engineering Management  |  IEEE

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More information:  Computer Science Artificial Intelligence Lab - MIT  |  Yale Alumni  |  UNH - President Member


Gautam Siwach is a Distinguished thought leader and a Principal executive for Open Source technologies at IBM. He is a Subject Matter Expert in the field of Cognitive computing, and Big Data space on Open Source Platform. He is a researcher with several paper and journal publications on Big Data Security and Networking field.

Speaker/Organizer for Meetups, Conferences,and a professional Committer to Messages, Blogs, Seminars, and IBM's Open Source Analytic social announcements.

  • Presents key technical aspects of IBM’s Open Source analytics on different use cases as sentiments that effect market growth, Public and live demonstration of IBM’s technology in Big Data Domain with real time data, built meaningful inferences from data with a deep analysis of sentiments derived from trusted and partnered data sources.

Speaker/Key-presenter at SVL Enablements for IBM, Technical Internal conference.

  • Demonstrates different use cases and worked with key influencers in technical communities to educate and inform them on platform strategy and direction in Open Source Analytics technical domain.

Expert, and trusted advisor in the evaluation and decision making process.

  • Assists customers on active opportunities to develop reports and applications using Open Source and products like Big Insights, Value added services, Big Replicate, compose; thereby providing guidance, sample code, demonstrations, and constant Technical support. Where suitable, maintain technical relationships with critical customers, engage with senior technical decision makers on continuing basis to ensure technology capabilities and opportunities are fully understood.


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