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Senior Researcher

IBM Research - India, Delhi




I am currently working in the High Performance Computing (HPC) group at IBM India Research Lab. Amongst other things, I have worked on optimization of HPC Challenge (HPCC) benchmarks on IBM Supercomputers such as Blue Gene. These benchmarks are used in evaluating the performance of HPC systems. Our optimizations of the RandomAccess benchmark have won the HPCC Class 1 award for this benchmark on IBM's Blue Gene Supercomputers six years in a row (2005-2010). Associated publications include a best paper finalist at Supercomputing 2006, a best paper award at IPDPS 2009 and a best paper award at HiPC 2010. I also work on environmental science applications and graph algorithms on Supercomputers.

I have previously worked in the areas of telecommunication and networking with Nortel Networks and Hughes Software Systems.

I completed my Ph.D from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in 2007. My thesis is in the area of computational geometry algorithms and is titled "Approximation algorithms for proximity and clustering problems". I completed my Masters in Computer Applications from Delhi University in 1997 and my Bachelors in Mathematics from Delhi University in 1994.