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Software Engineer & Senior Inventor - Emerging Technology, IBM Research
IBM Hursley, UK


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Liz is a Software Engineer and Senior Inventor based in Emerging Technologies, part of the IBM Research team in the UK. Liz graduated with a BSc Computer Science from the University of Kent in 2003. Before joining IBM, Liz worked at Sun Microsystems in Menlo Park, CA as an industrial placement student. She then took roles in different areas of IBM including CICS and WebSphere technologies.

Liz now works with clients to deliver business solutions and prototypes using new technologies. Her development experience has included a number of different programming languages on a variety of operating systems, from COBOL to Java, Windows to zSeries and a lot in between. 

As a Senior Inventor, Liz has filed multiple patents and is actively involved in mentoring and reviewing invention disclosures in the IBM patent community.

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