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Academy of Technology LogoExecutive IT Architect, Academy of Technology Vice President (Emerging Tech) & W3C Member, Web Scientist
Leeds, , UK


Professional Associations

Professional Associations:  Institute of Engineering and technology  |  W3C - World Wide Web Consortium


My business unit is S&D
My Marketing Team is UKI IMT
My Ops Team is Europe

I joined the Academy of Technology in 2013.

I specialise in Web Science (planet scale systems) and unstructured (to some!) data. In my spare time I write and have published two books: - The Web's Awake, - Understanding Information and Computation I have worked as a technical leader in GBS AIS, then BAO and now Analytics Division. I am often seen as differentiating on engagements involving complex data, often at scale. Nowadays I'm assigned as a Analytics Client Architect, although I work cross-sector when my specialised knowledge and leadership are called upon. I mainly focus on data governance, data lake formation, analytics cloud architectures and graph database.

I hold the following titles and positions:

  • Member of Academy Leadership Team (Vice President - Emerging Technology)

I work cross-industry:

I am involved with the following affiliates:

  • TCG - UK and Ireland

My areas of expertise and proficiencies are:

  • Big Data
  • DataCenter
  • DataVisualization
  • Cloud-Architecture
  • Analytics
  • Complex-System-Integration
  • Cognitive

My job roles and skills include:

  • Client Technical Architect
    • Core Tech Sales-Agile
    • Core Tech Sales-Hands-on Solution Demo
    • Core Tech Sales-IBM Design Thinking
    • Core Tech Sales-Architectural Thinking
    • Design Thinking
    • Cross Portfolio
    • Industry Solution Architect.Government
    • Data Analytics & Machine Learning
    • Bluemix
    • Client Technical Leader.Banking & Financial Mkts
    • Big Data & Analytics Solutions
    • Cloud Solutions
  • Data Specialist
    • Business Process Analytics
    • Advanced Analytics
  • Technical Solution Architect
  • Solution Manager
    • Application Development & Innovation
  • Application Architect
    • Web Services/SOA
    • Web Technologies
    • Digital Modernization
    • Business Intelligence
    • Big Data
  • Information Architect
    • Business Intelligence
    • Oracle Database

I have the following certifications:

  • Chartered Engineer
  • Certified Senior IT Architect
  • Open Group Distinguished IT Architec


I just try to contribute in ways that hopefully assist, improve and stimulate. Data at scale and Ultra Large Scale Systems (especially sociotechnical systems) are my thing and I'm seen as the go-to guy in IBM for both. That often involves leading the delivery of large scale, complex IT systems for top 100 companies, but I also contribute to thinking and standards on many leading edge ideas. For example, I've been an active member of the W3C and was co-lead on their SWSE working group. I act as technical lead for the Analytics Architect Team in the UK, am considered a trusted c-suite advisor to many household name companies and helped advise the UK Government on growing the AI economy in the UK, in 2017. I'm currently working on hybrid cloud patterns. This includes work to integrate blockchain and distributed graph databases. The ultimate aim is to create a deeply bonded, scale-free substrate for a global trust network. I write every now and then and have been known to publish the odd award winning book, so I guess I’m quite a creative thinker. Which reminds me - I'm working on my 3rd book and am looking for a literary agent to represent me. I also present on all matters information and gave the 2017 TED talk on “8 steps to understanding information (and maybe the universe)” I hold the world's first PhD in Web Science and am an Adjunct professor of Web Science at Southampton University. Specialties: First and foremost, exceeding the expectations of my customers, clients and audience. Then, explaining complex technical ideas in ways that can be easily understood. After that...understanding information (which is way harder than you might think!) , data strategy, data at scale, Large Scale Complex IT Systems (inc hybrid cloud), Web Science, Open Data, AI, systems integration, project delivery, pre-sales, technical writing and, perhaps, turning over the right stones. If you'd like to know more why not ask Google - the Web tends to be very kind to me.

Current and Prior Positions

Academy of Technology Vice President (Emerging Technology)
2/2019 - Present

CTO Data Ecosystems, Executive IT Architect & Academy of Technology Member
10/2000 - Present
Complex systems delivery, hybrid cloud, Big Data, IT Architect leadership, technical thought leadership, technical strategy leadership, Open Data, delivery excellence, advanced analytics architecture, Analytics as a Service (AaaS - Cloud) lead, social network analysis, Large Scale Complex IT Systems, systems integration, Web 2.0 & Web 3.0, open standards

Self Employed - Writer and Presenter
Writer and Presenter
1/2006 - Present
I write and present with the aim of providing alternative perspectives on familiar themes associated with information and data.

University of Southampton
Visiting Professor
7/2014 - Present
On going advancement of all things Web Science, including research on sociotechnical ecosystems, social machines, open data, engineering IT systems at scale, systems' complexity etc.

Interest Group Member - Web Science Observatory
1/2013 - Present
Trying to help understand how the Web really works and what it will take to help the Web make the world a better place for us all