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Head of Global Storage Research, Distinguished Engineer
Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA


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Larry Chiu, head of Global Storage Research, leads Storage Research Strategy and Technology Commercialization from IBM Research.  He co-founded both the IBM EasyTier and the IBM SAN Volume Controller products. EasyTier is a highly successful product for automated placement of data among different storage tiers in order to achieve optimal performance; the SAN Volume Controller is a leading storage virtualization engine, which has held the SPC-1 benchmark record for several years. In 2008, he led a research team in the US and in the UK to demonstrate a one-million-IOPS storage system using solid state disks. He is currently working on expanding and exploring next generation low latency storage devices, alternative low cost offline media for cloud and enterprise use cases. 

He is Distinguished Engineer, Master Inventor and Member of IBM Academy.  He holds an MS in computer engineering from the University of Southern California and another MS in Technology Commercialization from the University of Texas at Austin.