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High Speed/RF Circuit and Systems
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Professional Associations:  IEEE Circuits and System Society



My contributions to the communication circuit and technology I am proud of:

_ Proposed and lead a team working on technology development and circuit demonstration of RF SOI on high-resistivity substrate which is now used in most wireless devices and is fabricated in multiple fabs in the world. IBM sold more than 10 billion chips.

_Worked on first dual-polarization mmwave phased array which is the fundation architecture for mmwave 5G and 6G. After 10 years of research this technology is now used in large volume mobile and industrial applications.

_ Demonstrated the first integration of high-Q passives on High-Resistivity SOI, with inductor peak-Q of 50 and its impact on VCO, and the integration of the Vertical Native Capacitor with density better than 2fF/um2.

_ Lead a team working on low-power high-performance SOI SoC technology and enablement, leading to the first demonstration of 130 and 90nm SOI ASIC, as well as the enablement of the first 3.5W 1GHz Pentium class microprocessor.

_Pioneered the design of millimeter wave SOI CMOS from 30 to 94GHz in standard microprocessor technology with performances similar to coumpound technologies. Demonstrated the importance of FET layout optimization in nanometer technologies, with the fastest switch delay of 1.9ps reported.

_ Design world class performance VCO and PLL for TRx applications. Proposed VCO FOMT which is widely used in the industry to benchmark VCO.

_ Lead a team working on analog benchmarking with the statistical measurement and analysis of variability in high-speed circuits.

_ Pioneered design work of SiGe BiCMOS with first record noise figure measurements for bipolar and first CMOS RFIC circuits for wireless LAN applications.

Research interest:

RF control circuits for transmon Qbit used in quantum computer, solid-state technologies, the design and optimization of high-speed circuits, the integration of RF transceivers, PLL and Analog to Digital converter with microprocessors for SoC applications, the RF measurement automation and the Design For Yield in nanometer technologies.


h-index of 35, i10-index of 104, 5018 citations,

122 publications,

116 international patents issued, IBM Master Inventor,

2009 Chairman of the IEEE CSICS CMOS committee,

Author of the IEEE 2019 IMS best paper industrial finalist “Si-Based 94-GHz Phased Array Transmit and Receive Modules for Real-Time 3D Radar Imaging,”

The LC-VCO publication was cited in “The Olympic 25” (IEEE RFIC, issue 1, Dec. 2012): A description of significant milestones in the development of LC VCOs highlighting contributions from the top 25 papers published in the leading IEEE journals in the area of RFICs.

Coauthor of the best student paper award at the 2002 IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Conference,

Invited speaker at the University of Tokyo, the University of Minnesota, the Grenoble INP, the IEEE System on-Chip Conference, the IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference, the IEEE Compound Semiconductor IC Symposium, the IEEE Silicon On Insulator Conference, and the IEEE FTFC Conference,

2 Book Chapters,

Senior IEEE member,