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Nano Fabrication and Electron Beam Lithography
Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA



Charles Rettner is a research scientist currently specializing in nano fabrication. He creates structures and prototype electronic devices with the aid of electron beam lithography.
He collaborates with many groups and researchers at Almaden, Watson and Zurich Research Centers. Recent projects include the study of magnetic nanowires and tunnel junctions; the development of new lithographic techniques; and the fabrication of components for the imaging of the tobacco mosaic virus.

Prior to becoming interested in nano fabrication, he worked on many different aspects of atomic and molecular collisions. He recieved his Phd. from Birmingham University, UK, in 1978, for a project in which he used an ultra-high speed rotating blade to "bat" atoms, in order to study their reactions as a function of translational energy.


He has over 300 journal publications and 32 patents.