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I have a passion for creating innovative solutions that will make a difference for the end users. I do this by understanding what the end users are trying to do, where their biggest pain points are, and collaborating with technology architects to explore design options resulting in solutions that will wow the user.

My current role is leading a team to create stories which highlight Watson Health capabilities for use in our 3D large scale immersion room. Each story is told by an Experience Leader who interacts with elements in the room my team creates. Through the story we show how Watson can be a partner with the client to help them reach their goals faster and more confidently. My work involves understanding the health business and product offerings in the market segment we are targeting, how they can be used by the client to improve their process, then create a compelling story script. I lead both the design and software development effort.

My most famous application inside IBM was called Faces - the best way to find IBMers - see my paper from 2012 on how it was developed and how it is being used inside IBM.

I am a member of IBM Academy of Technology and co-lead the Affiliates area as part of my role in the Academy Leadership Team