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Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland


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More information:  Member of the Board of Governer of IEEE EPS


Thomas Brunschwiler is a research staff member of the Smart System Integration team at IBM Research – Zurich. He conducts physical research and coordinates governmental (e.g. ACTIVAGE, HyperConnect, CarrICool) and joint projects.

In this respect he is pushing the frontiers in mobile health interventions and establishing an integrated chronic disease management platform with the aim to record patient symptoms continuously, predict and prevent acute events, and provide personalized coaching to support patients to manage their everyday lives.  

Thomas Brunschwiler received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Berlin, with a disseration entitled "Interlayer Thermal Management of High-Performance Microprocessor Chip Stacks". He received his Master's degree in Microsystem technology from the Interstate University of Applied Science Buchs in 2001 for his work on "Facet emitting laser diode beam combiner".

He joined IBM Research in 2001, exploring integrated photonic devices and organic light emitting diodes and leading the functional electronic packaging activity.

Thomas Brunschwiler has authored and co-authored over 80 publications, three book chapters and over 65 patents. He has received six best paper awards at ITHERM, SEMI-THERM and from the Journal of Electronic Packaging, and was honored in 2009 with the "Harvey Rosten Award for Excellence in the Physical Design of Electronics".

He was the general chair of ITHERM 2018 and served on the board of the Swiss Physical Society and is currently in the Board of Governors of the IEEE EPS Society.