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Postdoctoral Research on Cloud System Optimization
Tokyo Research Center, Japan



Performance Characterization of Spark Workloads on Shared NUMA Systems
Shuja-ur-Rehman Baig, Marcelo Amaral, Jorda Polo, David Carrera
2018 IEEE Fourth International Conference on Big Data Computing Service and Applications (BigDataService), pp. 41-48


Topology-Aware GPU Scheduling for Learning Workloads in Cloud Environments
Marcelo Amaral, Jord\`a Polo, David Carrera, Seetharami Seelam, Malgorzata Steinder
SC'17: Proceedings of the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis, Association for Computing Machinery, 2017


Performance evaluation of microservices architectures using containers
Amaral, Marcelo and Polo, Jorda and Carrera, David and Mohomed, Iqbal and Unuvar, Merve and Steinder, Malgorzata
Network Computing and Applications (NCA), 2015 IEEE 14th International Symposium on, pp. 27--34


Evaluation of a policy-based network management system for energy-efficiency
G.C. Januario, C.H.A. Costa, M.C. Amaral, A.C. Riekstin, T.C.M.B. Carvalho, C. Meirosu
Integrated Network Management (IM 2013), 2013 IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on, pp. 596-602


Towards Sustainable Networks - Energy Efficiency Policy from Business to Device Instance Levels
Tereza Cristina M. B. Carvalho, Ana C. Riekstin, Marcelo Amaral, Carlos H. A. Costa, Guilherme C. Januario, Cristina K. Dominicini, Catalin Meirosu
14th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems, pp. 238-243, 2012

REASoN - Reliability and/or availability evaluation for sustainable networking
M.C. Amaral, C.H.A. Costa, T.C.M.B. Carvalho, C. Meirosu
Ultra Modern Telecommunications and Control Systems and Workshops (ICUMT), 2012 4th International Congress on, pp. 759-765

SustNMS: Towards service oriented policy-based network management for energy-efficiency
C.H.A. Costa, M.C. Amaral, G.C. Januario, T.C.M.B. Carvalho, C. Meirosu
Sustainable Internet and ICT for Sustainability (SustainIT), 2012, pp. 1-5


EbitSim: An Enhanced BitTorrent Simulation Using OMNeT++ 4
Pedro Evangelista, Marcelo Amaral, Charles Miers, Walter Goya, Marcos Simplicio, Tereza Carvalho, Victor Souza
2011 IEEE 19th Annual International Symposium on Modelling, Analysis, and Simulation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems, pp. 437-440