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Senior Technical Staff Member - External Compliance, AoT Member, Co-Chair IAM-IDT, Master Inventor
San Francisco, CA, USA


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Professional Associations:  ISACA  |  ISC2  |  ScrumAlliance


Deep packet analysis
Arjun Udupi Raghavendra, Tim Uwe Scheideler, Matthias SEUL
Patent US-2021336977-A1


Predictive provisioning of cloud-stored files
Matthias SEUL, Alexandr Pavlovich Korchemniy
Patent US-2021297502-A1


System and method for siem rule sorting and conditional execution
Tim Uwe Scheideler, Ivan James Reedman, Arjun Udupi Raghavendra, Matthias SEUL
Patent US-2020382525-A1

Bioelectrical Authentication
Matthias SEUL, Nicolo' Sgobba, Erik Rueger
Patent US-2020314092-A1

Detecting sensitive data exposure via logging
Matthias SEUL, Arjun Udupi Raghavendra, Tim Uwe Scheideler, Tiziano Airoldi
Patent US-2020336497-A1

Encrypted knowledge graph
Tim Uwe Scheideler, Arjun Udupi Raghavendra, Matthias SEUL
Patent US-2021042438-A1


Intrusion detection system for automated determination of ip addresses
Dirk Harz, Matthias SEUL, Jens Thamm, Gideon Zenz
Patent US-2020053122-A1

Cognitive Malicious Activity Identification and Handling
Markus Ludwig, Johannes Noll, Marc Noske, Matthias SEUL, Volker Vogeley
Patent US-2019379696-A1

Ransomware resetter
Thomas Pohl, Martin Tröster, Marco H. Kroll, Matthias SEUL
Patent US-2019228148-A1


System and method for enforcing granular privacy controls during transaction fraud screening by a third party
Boas Betzler, Petra S. Buehrer, Tim U. Scheideler, Matthias SEUL
Patent US-2019095920-A1

Creating a multi-dimensional host fingerprint for optimizing reputation for IPV6
Dominik W. Brugger, Matthias SEUL, Volker Vogeley, Gideon Zenz
Patent US-10284578-B2


Dynamic scriptable routing
Claudius Link, Matthias SEUL, Artemiy A. Solyakov
Patent US-2018123952-A1

Mobile device photo data privacy
Erik Rueger, Matthias SEUL, Thomas A. Snellgrove, Neil Sondhi
Patent US-2018032748-A1


Photograph metadata encryption
Erik Rueger, Tim U. Scheideler, Matthias SEUL, Thomas A. Snellgrove
Patent US-2017053122-A1

Method and system for preemptive harvesting of spam messages
Markus Ludwig, Johannes R. Noll, Matthias SEUL, Volker G. A. Vogeley
Patent US-9954804-B2

Peer-assisted mail thread management
Stefan Alexander, Alexander Neef, Matthias SEUL
Patent US-2018248826-A1

Traffic shape obfuscation when using an encrypted network connection
Matthias SEUL, Artemiy A. Solyakov
Patent US-9942247-B2

Secure data storage on a cloud environment
Matthias SEUL, Artemiy A. Solyakov
Patent US-9680809-B2

Adjusting vehicle timing in a transportation network
Tobias Ephraim Dannat, Andreas Kuehmichel, Tim Scheideler, Matthias SEUL, Thomas Allen Snellgrove
Patent US-10733888-B2

Attracting and analyzing spam postings
Matthias SEUL, Volker Vogeley
Patent US-10212175-B2


Management of content tailoring by services
Claudius Link, Matthias SEUL
Patent US-2019286696-A1

Automated management of confidential data in cloud environments
Marcus Breuer, Itzhack Goldberg, Thorsten Muehge, Erik Rueger, Matthias SEUL
Patent US-10474830-B2


Delegating authentication for a web service
Dominik W. Brugger, Matthias SEUL
Patent US-2015007283-A1

Transparent encryption/decryption gateway for cloud storage services
Dominik W. Brugger, Matthias SEUL
Patent US-9374345-B2


Method and system for correlation of session activities to a browser window in a client-server enviroment
Carsten Dietrich, Matthias SEUL, Stefan Walter
Patent US-9294541-B2


Providing Additional Information to a Visual Interface Element of a Graphical User Interface
Matthias SEUL
Patent US-2013151999-A1