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Principal Research Staff Member
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Disaggregated and optically interconnected memory: when will it be cost effective?
Abali, Bulent and Eickemeyer, Richard J and Franke, Hubertus and Li, Chung-Sheng and Taubenblatt, Marc A
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IBM POWER7+ processor on-chip accelerators for cryptography and active memory expansion
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Improving server utilization using fast virtual machine migration
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The SP2 high-performance switch
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Virtualization polling engine (VPE): using dedicated CPU cores to accelerate I/O virtualization
Liu, Jiuxing and Abali, Bulent
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Enhancing lifetime and security of pcm-based main memory with start-gap wear leveling
M K Qureshi, J Karidis, M Franceschini, V Srinivasan, L Lastras, B Abali
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Sysman: A Virtual File System for Managing Clusters.
Banikazemi, Mohammad and Daly, David and Abali, B
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PAM: a novel performance/power aware meta-scheduler for multi-core systems
M Banikazemi, D Poff, B Abali
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Balanced parallel sort on hypercube multiprocessors
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