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IBM Senior Vice President and Director of Research
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



Symbiotic Cognitive Computing
Farrell, Robert and Lenchner, Jonathan and Kephjart, Jeffrey O and Webb, Alan M and Muller, MIchael J and Erikson, Thomas D and Melville, David O and Bellamy, Rachel KE and Gruen, Daniel M and Connell, Jonathan H and others
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Frontiers of information technology
Dillenberger, Donna E and Gil, Dario and Nitta, Satya V and Ritter, Mark B
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A computational technique to optimally design in-situ diffractive elements: applications to projection lithography at the resist resolution limit
Feij{\'o}o, Gonzalo R and Tirapu-Azpiroz, Jaione and Rosenbluth, Alan E and Oberai, Assad A and Mohan, Jayanth Jagalur and Tian, Kehan and Melville, David and Gil, Dario and Lai, Kafai
SPIE Advanced Lithography, pp. 72741E--72741E, 2009

Benefits and trade-offs of global source optimization in optical lithography
Tian, Kehan and Krasnoperova, Azalia and Melville, David and Rosenbluth, Alan E and Gil, Dario and Tirapu-Azpiroz, Jaione and Lai, Kafai and Bagheri, Saeed and Chen, Chia-chen and Morgenfeld, Bradley
SPIE Advanced Lithography, pp. 72740C--72740C, 2009


A year in the life of an immersion lithography alpha tool at Albany NanoTech
Tittnich, Michael and Hartley, John and Denbeaux, Greg and Okoroanyanwu, Uzo and Levinson, Harry and Petrillo, Karen and Robinson, Chris and Gil, Dario and Corliss, Dan and Back, David and others
SPIE 31st International Symposium on Advanced Lithography, pp. 615101--615101, 2006

Characterization of imaging performance for immersion lithography at NA= 0.93
Gil, Dario and Tirapu-Azpiroz, Jaione and Deschner, Ryan and Brunner, Timothy and Fonseca, Carlos and Fullam, Jennifer and Corliss, Dan and Auschnitt, Kit and Vanoppen, Peter
SPIE 31st International Symposium on Advanced Lithography, pp. 615405--615405, 2006

Experimental characterization of focusing by high-numerical-aperture zone plates
Menon, Rajesh and Gil, Dario and Smith, Henry I
JOSA A 23(3), 567--571, Optical Society of America, 2006


Maskless lithography
Menon, Rajesh and Patel, Amil and Gil, Dario and Smith, Henry I
Materials Today 8(2), 26--33, Elsevier, 2005

Progress toward developing high performance immersion compatible materials and processes
Petrillo, Karen and Patel, Kaushal and Chen, Rex and Li, Wenjie and Kwong, Ranee and Lawson, Peggy and Varanasi, Rao and Robinson, Chris and Holmes, Steven J and Gil, Dario and others
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Photon-sieve lithography
Menon, Rajesh and Gil, Dario and Barbastathis, George and Smith, Henry I
JOSA A 22(2), 342--345, Optical Society of America, 2005


Immersion lithography: New opportunities for semiconductor manufacturing
Gil, Dar{\'\i}o and Brunner, Timothy A and Fonseca, Carlos and Seong, Nakgeuon and Streefkerk, Bob and Wagner, Christian and Stavenga, Marco
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures Processing, Measurement, and Phenomena 22(6), 3431--3438, AVS, 2004


Zone-plate-array lithography (ZPAL): simulations for system design
Menon, Rajesh and Carter, DJD and Gil, Dario and Smith, Henry I and Warwick, Tony and Meyer-Ilse, Werner and Attwood, David
AIP Conference Proceedings, pp. 647--652, 2000

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Menon, Rajesh and Gil, Dario and Smith, Henry I
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3.1 Nanostructures Laboratory
Smith, Henry I and Carter, David JD and Goodberlet, James G and Schattenburg, Mark L and Carter, James M and Fleming, Robert C and Mondol, Mark K and Everett, Patrick N and Lee, Jawoong and Murooka, Ken-Ichi and others
rlewebserver.mit.edu, 0