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Cloud and Systems Security Research
Hanover, NH


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Establishing Trust in Linux Keyrings - Is Trust Built-in, Imputed, or Transitive?
Elaine Palmer, George Wilson
Linux Security Summit North America, Linux Foundation, 2022


Confidential computing for OpenPOWER
Guerney Hunt, et.al.
EuroSys '21, pp. 294-310, 2021

Common Security Threats v1.0
Editor: Yigal Edery, Contributors: Matt King, Elaine Palmer, Eric Spada, Rob Wood, Alberto Munoz, Nate Klein
Technical Report, Open Compute Project, 2021

Attestation of System Components v1.0, Requirements and Recommendations
Editor: Elaine R. Palmer, Contributors: Yigal Edery, Joe Foster, Ahmed Abbas Hassan, Brett Henning, Bryan Kelly, Nate Klein, Jubin Mehta, Alberto Munoz, Rajeev Sharma, Wojtek Powiertowski, Eric Spada, Ben Stoltz
Technical Report, Open Compute Project, 2021


Vendor Panel: Unique Challenges of Open System Firmware
Ron Minnich, Jean Marie Verdun, Jeoff Krontz, Elaine Palmer, Dong Wei, Isaac Oram
2020 OCP Virtual Summit, Open Compute Project

Measurement and Attestation
Elaine Palmer, Brett Henning, Monty Wiseman
2020 OCP Tech Week, Open Compute Project

Attestation of System Components
Elaine R. Palmer
2020 OCP Virtual Summit, Open Compute Project

Anchoring Trust in a Totally Open Platform
Elaine Palmer, George Wilson, Tim Block, Chris Engel, Nayna Jain, Mimi Zohar
Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC), Case Studies 2, 2020


Ownership and Control of Firmware in Open Compute Project Devices
Elaine Palmer
2019 OCP Global Summit, Open Compute Project

Best Practices for Firmware Code Signing
Kenneth Goldman, Elaine Palmer, Tim Block, Christopher Engel, David Heller
Technical Report, Open Compute Project, 2019


Open System Firmware Projects
Elaine Palmer, Bryan Kelly, Nate Klein, Ron Minnich
Linux Security Summit North America 2018, Linux Foundation

Ownership and Control of Firmware in Open Compute Project Devices
Elaine Palmer, Tamas Visegrady, and Michael Osborne
Technical Report, Open Compute Project, 2018


Managing Sensitive Applications in the Public Cloud
K. A. Beaty ; J. M. Chow ; R. L. F. Cunha ; K. K. Das ; M. F. Hulber ; A. Kundu ; V. Michelini ; E. R. Palmer
IBM Journal of Research and Development, IBM, 2016


Friends in Low Places - Loading Firmware in the Field
Elaine Palmer, Tamas Visegrady
Technical Report RC25095, IBM, 2011

Lessons Learned Building the Caernarvon High-Assurance Smart Card Operating System
P A Karger, S K McIntosh, E R Palmer, D C Toll, S M Weber
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Implementing a High-Assurance Smart-Card OS
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Designing a side channel resistant random number generator
S Chari, V Diluoffo, P Karger, E Palmer, T Rabin, J Rao, P Rohotgi, H Scherzer, M Steiner, D Toll
Smart Card Research and Advanced Application, 49--64, Springer, 2010


Tooling in Support of Common Criteria Evaluation of a High Assurance Operating System
Carl C. Weber, David Toll, Elaine Palmer, Paul Karger, Sam Weber, and Suzanne McIntosh
U.S. Department of Homeland Security, 2008

Designing a Secure Smart Card Operating System
P A Karger, D C Toll, E R Palmer, S K McIntosh, S M Weber
Technical Report RC 24531, 2008

Design of a Secure Smart Card Operating System for Pervasive Applications
P A Karger, D C Toll, E R Palmer, S K McIntosh, S M Weber
Technical Report RC 24687, 2008

The Feasibility of Automated Feedback-Directed Specification-Based Test Generation: A Case Study of a High-Assurance Operating System
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Tooling in support of Common Criteria evaluation of a high assurance operating system
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Using a high-performance, programmable secure coprocessor
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Introduction to the Citadel architecture: Security in physically exposed environments
S R White, S H Weingart, W C Arnold, E R Palmer
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An Introduction to Citadel: a secure crypto coprocessor for workstations
Elaine Palmer
Technical Report RC 18373, IBM TJ Watson Research Center, 1991


Automating physical system modelling using bond graphs
SJ Hood, ER Palmer, DH Withers
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A fast, complete method for automatically assigning causality to bond graphs
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The Design Analysis for Reliability Tool
S J Hood, E R Palmer
American Control Conference, pp. 1462--1467, 1987