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Senior Technical Staff Member
Cambridge Research Center, Cambridge, MA USA



Collective Evaluation of Alternatives in a Collaborative Decision Making Environment
Mills, Nathaniel (Coventry, CT, US), Ray, Bonnie K. (Nyack, NY, US), Rios Aliaga, Jesus M. (Peekskill, NY, US), Ross, Steven I. (South Hamilton, MA, US)
Patent 20150039548
US Patent App. 13/953,926


Chat user interface for threaded text chat systems
Li-Te Cheng, Bryan W Clark, Susanne C Hupfer, John Patterson, Steven I Ross
US Patent 8,683,351


Computer method and apparatus for graphical inquiry specification with progressive summary
S.I. Ross, N.R. Sastry, D.M. Gruen, S.C. Hupfer, J.F. Patterson, J.E. Christensen, S.E. Levy, others
US Patent 7,877,367


Method, system and program product for retrofitting collaborative components into existing software applications
Li-Te Cheng, Susanne Hupfer, John F Patterson, Steven L Rohall, Steven I Ross
US Patent 7,484,202

Automatic Generation of an Interest Network and Tag Filter
James E Christensen, Stephen E Levy, Daniel M Gruen, Susanne C Hupfer, Jamie C Rasmussen, Steven I Ross
US Patent App. 12/639,784

Method and Apparatus for managing dialog management in a computer conversation
S I Ross, J G MacAllister, C A Hyland, M M Zeller, K A Howard
US Patent 7,496,514

Method of forming polymer features by directed self-assembly of block copolymers
K. Cheng, B.B. Doris, P. Kulkarni, G. Shahidi
US Patent App. 12/542,771




Method and apparatus for performing dialog management in a computer conversational interface
S I Ross, J G Macallister, C A Hyland, M M Zeller, K A Howard
US Patent App. 20,020/133,355


System and method for relating syntax and semantics for a conversational speech application
S I Ross, R C Armes, J F Alweis, E A Brownholtz, J G Macallister
US Patent App. 20,020/095,286