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Secure Enterprise Desktop
Michael Baentsch, Paolo Scotton, Thomas Gschwind
ERCIM News 2012 2012(90)

Software Composition - 11th International Conference, SC 2012, Prague, Czech Republic, May 31 - June 1, 2012. Proceedings.
Thomas Gschwind, Flavio De Paoli, Volker Gruhn, Matthias Book (Eds.)
Springer LNCS 7306, 2012

The Secure Enterprise Desktop: Changing Today's Computing Infrastructure
Thomas Gschwind, Michael Baentsch, Andreas Schade, Paolo Scotton
Proceedings of European Conference on Service-Oriented and Cloud-Computing (ESOCC2012), Springer LNCS 7592


Incremental development of model transformation chains using automated testing
J. Küster, T. Gschwind, O. Zimmermann
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Extracting Interactions in Component Based Systems
T Parsons, A Mos, M Trofin, T Gschwind, J Murphy
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Towards a Compiler for Business-IT Systems
J. Koehler, T. Gschwind, J. Küster, H. Völzer, O. Zimmermann
In Proc. 3rd IFIP TC 2 Central and East European Conference on Software Engineering Techniques (CEE-SET 2008), Brno, Czech Republic, Springer LNCS 4980, Revised Selected Papers, 1-19, 2008

Combining pattern languages and reusable architectural decision models into a comprehensive and comprehensible design method
O Zimmermann, U Zdun, T Gschwind, F Leymann
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Applying patterns during business process modeling
T Gschwind, J Koehler, J Wong
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Combining quality assurance and model transformations in business-driven development
J. Koehler, T. Gschwind, J. Küster, C. Pautasso, K. Ryndina, J. Vanhatalo, H. Völzer
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Reusable architectural decision models for enterprise application development
O. Zimmermann, T. Gschwind, J. Küster, F. Leymann, N. Schuster
In Proc. 3rd Int'l Conference on Quality of Software Architectures, Components, and Applications (QoSA 2007), Medford, MA, USA, Springer LNCS 4880, 15-32, 2007


ShareMe: Running a Distributed Systems Lab for 600 Students With Three Faculty Members
C Kerer, G Reif, T Gschwind, E Kirda, R Kurmanowytsch, M Paralic
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Software composition
T Gschwind, U A{ss}mann, O Nierstrasz
2005 - Citeseer, Citeseer


TUAnalyzer-analyzing templates in C++ code
T Gschwind, M Pinzger, H Gall
Proceedings of the Eleventh Working Conference on Reverse Engineering, 2004


The Vienna Component Framework enabling composition across component models
J Oberleitner, T Gschwind, M Jazayeri
Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Software Engineering, pp. 25--35, 2003

Using run-time data for program comprehension
T Gschwind, J Oberleitner, M Pinzger
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Type Based Adaptation: An adaptation approach for dynamic distributed systems
T Gschwind
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Transforming application compositions with xslts
J Oberleitner, T Gschwind
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Composing distributed components with the Component Workbench
J Oberleitner, T Gschwind
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Comparing object oriented mobile agent systems
T Gschwind
6th ECOOP Workshop on Mobile Object Systems, Sophia Antipolis, France, 2000


ADK-building mobile agents for network and systems management from reusable components
T. Gschwind, M. Feridun, S. Pleisch
Agent Systems and Applications, 1999 and Third International Symposium on Mobile Agents. Proceedings. First International Symposium on, pp. 13--21

Year Unknown

System evolution tracking through execution trace analysis
M Fischer, J Oberleitner, H Gall, T Gschwind
Proceedings of the International Workshop on Program Comprehension, pp. 237--246, 0

Towards a Compiler for Business-IT Systems--A Vision Statement Complemented with a Research Agenda
J Koehler, T Gschwind, J K{\"u}ster, H V{\"o}lzer, O Zimmermann
domino.watson. ibm .com, 0

Faster and better Business Process Modeling with the IBM Pattern-based Process Model Accelerators
C Favre, T Gschwind, J Koehler, W Klein{\"o}der, A Maystrenko, K Muhidini, H V{\"o}lzer, J Wong, 0

Requirements for an architectural composition language
J Oberleitner, T Gschwind
Workshop on Composition Languages (WCL 2002), pp. 11